Karhu Shitty Weather Pack

“Help each other through shitty weather.” With winter on the horizon, KARHU and Knirps have teamed up for a special release built around this promise. The KARHU x Knirps Fusion 2.0 “Shitty Weather” pack is a collaboration between two equally unique and historic brands.


With their recent collaboration, KARHU and Knirps vow that they won’t ever leave you (or your sneakers) out in the rain. The “Shitty Weather” pack features two distinct colourways of KARHU’s iconic Fusion 2.0. Both colourways utilize a rain repellent mesh suitable for almost any shitty weather. The accompanying Knirps US.050 Ultra Light Slim umbrella is co branded and so small that it fits in your jacket pocket OR in a sneaker box. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Attention to detail appears throughout the two Fusion 2.0s - dual branding can be found on the special edition footbed and box. An embossed archival Karhu bear image holding an umbrella, is embossed on the lateral side of the heel. 


Both colourways of the KARHU x Knirps Fusion 2.0 “Shitty Weather” Pack include an extra set of reflective rope laces and a free special edition Knirps US.050 ultra light slim umbrella.